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Make Managing Your Medications Easier

Are you struggling to balance all your prescriptions and keep track of when to pick them up from the pharmacy? Do you keep forgetting to refill your prescriptions? Are you tired of making multiple trips to the pharmacy in the same month? If you answered yes to any of these questions, we have a simple solution for you — MedSync!

MedSync is our synchronized prescription service that puts you in control of your medications and enhances your overall care by coordinating all of your medications into one monthly pickup. All of your prescriptions will be ready at the same time each month, meaning fewer trips and more convenience for you.

Here are more details on our MedSync program at Cody Drug:
  1. Enroll for free. One of our helpful staff members will discuss your medications and work out a plan to synchronize your prescriptions.
  2. Pick a fill date. We’ll help you select a fill date based on your therapy and other factors.
  3. Enjoy once-a-month pickup. When you first enroll, we’ll custom-fill all your medications to make sure that your future refills align on a single day. No multiple trips. No hassle.
  4. Get updates from our pharmacy. We’ll review your entire profile, work with your physician to resolve any medication issues, and check in with you to discuss any changes to maximize your health.
  5. Receive your meds. Your medications will be ready by your scheduled date.
  6. Any changes? Let us know. We’ll coordinate any changes or additions to your prescriptions so that everything is in sync.