Cody Drug in Sulphur Springs Texas

6 Things that Make our Family Owned Pharmacy Unique

pharmacist holding bottles in palm
April 2, 2024

Here at Cody Drug, we do things differently than a traditional pharmacy. We want our customers to feel like a part of the family because we see you as fellow members of the community, not just another number to make the bottom line. So what exactly makes our family owned pharmacy unique? Keep reading to find out!

1. Our dedication to hometown healthcare

We go above and beyond to ensure our community has the best experience at our independent pharmacy. The pharmacy itself is unique, as it is a 1950s diner replica, making it feel welcoming and nostalgic rather than a sterile, uninviting space. Our family’s mission is to serve yours with respect, professionalism, and compassion. Your needs and satisfaction always come first– that’s the hometown service guarantee!

2. Our prescription compounding for people and pets

compounded medication being made in a lab

One of the ways we provide personalized service is through medicine compounding. We can take a prescription for either a person or a pet and create a custom formula and dosage strength that will be the most effective. Whether you struggle to swallow pills or need a topical or oral solution, we can accommodate your requests. Our pharmacists can even remove unnecessary ingredients that could cause an allergic reaction.

3. Our Med Sync program

Medication synchronization is another unique service offered at our family owned pharmacy. If you are tired of keeping track of your meds and making several trips to the pharmacy to pick up your prescriptions each month, then our Med Sync program could be the perfect solution! It is free to sign up, and you can choose one day to have all of your prescriptions refilled and ready for pickup. We can even deliver your meds for only a $5 fee within Cooper and Sulphur Springs city limits.

4. Our personalized weight loss solutions

weight loss supplements

We offer several options when it comes to weight loss medications. You can get compounded semaglutide at our family owned pharmacy, as well as natural supplements like our Weight Loss Bundle, which includes berberine, fiber, and probiotics. We aim to do everything we can to support you along your weight loss journey and provide helpful advice for diet and exercise habits for long-term, achievable results.

5. Our online wellness shop

Not only can you find a variety of OTC wellness products in-store but also online! We have an extensive selection of pharmaceutical-grade supplements, handpicked by our pharmacists at our online supplement store. From Vitamin D and magnesium to Omega-3s and allergy relief, we have it all! If you want to begin taking daily supplements but are unsure where to start, consider The Better Box! We know the options can be overwhelming, so we have created a simple bundle of beneficial supplements– Omega-3s, Vitamins D3+K2, and a superfood greens mix.

6. Our telehealth consultations

telehealth consultation

We understand that getting to a doctor’s office isn’t always easy, so whether you are fighting seasonal allergies, a cold, or just have some health-related questions, our team of healthcare professionals is ready to listen and find solutions for your needs. You can come to us for answers about hormone therapy, semaglutide for weight loss, immunizations, erectile dysfunction, low-dose naltrexone, and more!

These are just a few things that make our family owned pharmacy unique! We hope you know that you can call or stop in anytime if you have questions about what we offer. Our team is here to help! Want to stay in the know about our services, supplement recommendations, and practical health tips? Read more on our wellness blog!