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7 Home Weight Loss Tips Anyone Can Do

weight loss scale, green weights, and vegetables on gray background
September 30, 2023

Looking to lose a little weight, but don’t want an extreme diet or rigorous weight loss plan? By just making a few small changes, you can create a healthier lifestyle, and not only will you feel your best, but the scale will be a bit lower too! Check out these 7 home weight loss tips anyone can do!

1. Eat Regular Meals

Never skip a meal– especially breakfast! Starting your day with a well-balanced meal of protein and healthy fats will set you up for success. Eating every four hours is recommended to keep your body fueled throughout the day, but at least aim for three solid meals and a couple of smart snacks. The easiest way to ensure you’re getting proper nutrition is to get at least one fruit or vegetable into every meal, swap high-carb and high-fat snacks for fat-burning foods, and switch to whole grains and foods. The goal is to never cut out processed foods entirely, but simply prioritize nutrient-rich fruit, vegetables, grains, and proteins instead. If you aren’t enjoying what you eat, then your diet will not be sustainable for the long term! Experiment with cooking methods, spices, and herbs to find flavors and combinations you love.

2. Watch Portion Size

plate showing balanced diet with half salad half burger and fries

One of the most effective home weight loss tips is to be aware of your portion sizes. If it would help you, use a smaller plate and immediately fill half with a vegetable, then fill the other half with lean protein and grains.

3. Eat Slowly

Following up with portion size, eat slowly to savor your meal and enjoy the flavors. Fast eaters consume too many calories too quickly, and their bodies can’t register fullness in such a short time. Take your time and chew slowly!

4. Plan And Prep Meals

A meal plan for weight loss doesn’t have to be intimidating! Go to the grocery store with a list and a plan so you don’t get sidetracked in the snack aisle, and think about what ingredients you need to make a meal. When you get home, take the time to wash and cut up your fruits and vegetables so they’re easy to grab throughout the week. Mix up chicken marinades and freeze for an easy weeknight meal or cook your grain, meat, and vegetables and place them in divided containers for grab-and-go lunches! Your future self will thank you for planning ahead and making it easier to choose healthier meal options.

5. Increase Protein And Fiber Intake

salmon, eggs, avocado, and vegetables

Getting enough protein and fiber into your diet makes you feel fuller for longer. Starting your day with eggs and eating lean protein for lunch and dinner can have a big impact on your appetite levels! Fiber not only increases the feeling of fullness but also feeds friendly gut bacteria. It is found only in the food we get from plants, like fruits, vegetables, oats, brown rice, beans, and lentils.

6. Drink Water Not Calories

Drinking soda, sweet tea, energy drinks, and juices are “empty calories,” meaning you’re wasting precious calories on something with little-to-no nutritional value. Instead of banning these drinks, try limiting yourself to one or two a week. Gradual steps are better than none! Your body requires lots of water to function properly — it’s recommended to drink 8 glasses a day.

7. Find An Activity You Enjoy

group of women carrying yoga mats outside

Being active is one of the best weight loss tips but can be difficult to maintain. Rather than forcing yourself to get on the elliptical and think about everything else you could be doing, try to find a way to get in extra steps during your daily routine. Take a walk around your neighborhood, ask a friend or family member to go to a fun workout or yoga class with you, or get outside with the kids in the backyard! Even when you're in the house, add some extra movement while you’re doing the dishes or laundry. Even a few jumping jacks during a TV commercial break is a step in the right direction!

With these home weight loss tips, you’re well on your way to a healthier body and lifestyle. If you need help on your weight loss journey, that's what we're here for! Reach out to our team anytime for additional resources and support.