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Should I Take a Magnesium Supplement?

May 16, 2024

One of the most common brain health tips you’ll find is to take a magnesium supplement, but why? Besides calcium, magnesium is one of the most abundant minerals in the body, required for hundreds of chemical reactions and cell functions. So, if you’re curious, “Should I take a magnesium supplement?” then keep reading to learn more!

Benefits of Magnesium

Magnesium is used by nearly every system in the body and can have a positive effect on the following: sleep, mood, energy, metabolism, muscle function, heart health, bone strength, inflammation, brain focus, and the list goes on. It supports all kinds of important responses in the brain, as well as keeps your heart pumping strong and your immune system functioning well.

sources of magnesium

If you have chronic digestive issues or take certain medications that lower magnesium levels, you could be at greater risk of a magnesium deficiency. To consume more magnesium in your diet, eat green leafy vegetables like spinach, broccoli, and kale, whole grains, beans, legumes, nuts, and seeds. Some milk and yogurt can also have decent amounts of magnesium; however, you won’t get targeted, potent levels of magnesium like you would with a supplement.

Who Should Not Take A Magnesium

Before beginning any new supplement, speak with your doctor about the pros and cons. They can tell you about medication reactions and other potential issues you might not have realized. While magnesium supplements are generally safe to use with little side effects, they may not be right for everyone. For example, those with kidney problems or kidney disease may experience adverse reactions to magnesium supplements, as well as those taking certain medications including some diuretics, heart medications, or antibiotics.

Recommended Magnesium Supplements

chill magnesium supplement

ChillMag contains patented forms of magnesium lysinate glycinate (mineral amino acid chelate) and chelated dimagnesium malate, both ingredients formulated for enhanced absorption. Malic and lactic acids found in magnesium support energy production and may even support antioxidant function including glutathione and other enzymes. Here are some key areas this supplement can help support:

  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Healthy Muscle Function/ Nerve Conduction
  • Bone Health
  • Energy Production
  • Healthy Glucose Metabolism

BrainMag features magnesium L-threonate (as Magtein®), the only form of magnesium known to cross the blood-brain barrier. Complemented by highly absorbable two more patented forms of magnesium- di-magnesium malate and magnesium lysinate glycinate chelate- this formula is designed to boost the brain’s magnesium level and is vital for promoting healthy nervous system functions. Here are a few takeaways about this supplement:

  • Supports Healthy Brain Magnesium Levels
  • Supports Healthy Synapse Number & Function
  • Supports Cognitive Health
  • Supports Stress Management, Sleep Quality & Healthy Mood
  • Ensures Optimal Magnesium Intake For Overall Health

So, should I take a magnesium supplement? It’s certainly worth asking your healthcare provider about! Reach out to us today if you have any questions about our products, and let us know how we can best support you on your journey to better health!